30 mins once a week to better golf in the summer

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So you’ve found a place indoors that you can swing a golf club all winter. That’s a great start- what do  you do next? It may be a little intimidating to go hit indoors so let me take you through a few things you need to know.

  • Book the time you need by calling ahead. Just as you would call a golf course to book a tee time, call ahead and book a hitting bay. Most places charge by time.
  • You can wear golf shoes or running shoes to hit.
  • It can get quite warm so be sure to have a short sleeve t shirt or golf shirt under your winter layers!
  • If you wear a golf glove, don’t forget to bring it along.
  • You don’t need golf balls, the facility will provide them.
  • If you are just going for 30 minutes to hit balls, you only need to take a PW, 7 iron , a hybrid and a Driver.
  • Spend a few minutes warming up with some air swings and shoulder rotations.
  • Start with your PW and hit about 10 balls, then work your way up the clubs to your Driver.  You won’t need to bring tees with you, the facility will have them.

If you get bored of just hitting balls, you can play a couple of holes on the simulator to mix it up a little.

The technology is super easy to use and the facility will have people there to show you how to get set up.  You may find that you enjoy doing this and join an indoor golf league. The more you swing the better you will be. But it doesn’t have to be a lot or for too long. 30 mins a week – think you can do that?