We have all heard it – Golf is a great tool for business. Then why aren’t you on the course?

Whether you don’t play golf because of lack of time, performance anxiety, or you don’t know the rules, it’s time to realize the stakes are too high to be left out any longer. Spending time on the golf course is a smart way to invest focused, uninterrupted time with the people who can make a difference in your career—and regardless of your athletic ability—you can learn how to use golf to develop meaningful relationships. Check out my blueprint for success in this golfing guide for women in the workplace.

You will learn how to:

  • navigate golf courses with confidence
  • fully leverage golf as a social and business networking tool
  • manage your emotions while playing
  • become the person people want in their golf foursome
  • Master the art of business golf and enhance professional success with the lessons in Smashing the Grass Ceiling.

Proceeds from the sale of each book go to support the Smashing Girls Golf Mentorship program.