"Fareen is a brilliant golf coach! I've watched her teach others for years, and she's knowledgeable, patient and a great communicator. Not to mention a ton of fun! Whether you're a first-timer or experienced golfer, Far will help improve your game - guaranteed!"
- Cindy Burgess

Invest in yourself

Whether you are a new golfer, want to refresh your skills or are hoping to lower your handicap, private lessons are an excellent investment in yourself. Golf is a great way to build networks and relationships whether it is for personal or business reasons. Playing better golf leaves you feeling more confident and willing to say "yes" to opportunities to make connections.

I will work with you with you one-on-one, providing instruction on fundamentals, driving distance, equipment and etiquette. Your lessons will be individually crafted based on your goals and ability. You’ll also learn how to do a proper golf warm up and a practice plan will be provided so you can work on your game on your own.

Lessons are $90 plus tax (for outdoor lessons please purchase  small bucket of balls from the pro shop)

Each session is 30 minutes. Click Here to book on Far's calendar.

Location: Within Range ( May – Sept) or Far Away Greens Indoor Golf ( Oct- Apr)

"As a female beginner golfer, I was intimidated to learn the game. But Far immediately put me right at ease; she took away my self-imposed pressures, and reminded me, “no one was born playing golf. We all have to start somewhere”. She took the time to figure out my personal learning style and adapted our lessons to reflect that. She is so encouraging and patient, and did not rush through any part of the instruction. I felt like she was working with me as a true partner, and had my back! I can proudly say that after ten indoor lessons during the winter, I played my first tournament this summer, and have since played two more. I LOVE it. Far also helped me to understand etiquette, rules of play, and how to make a solid contribution to a tournament foursome, even as a beginner. Intimidation has been replaced with confidence and knowing that I am a solid part of each tournament team!"

Jasmina, Student, FarAway Greens