Would you like to be a mentor for the Smashing Girls program?

Without a doubt all of our mentors from last year reported that they felt like they got as much if not more out of the program than the girls. Magic happens when you can see the difference you can make in a young girl’s life!

You do not need to be a good golfer to be a good mentor. A willingness to share your life experience and time with a girl who would never be exposed to golf is what matters the most. By mentoring good sportsmanship, the ability to laugh off a bad shot and helping these girls become more comfortable with interacting with adults, you will be making a huge difference in their lives.


  • Allow a girl who may never have a chance to golf the opportunity to participate in the Smashing Girls golf mentorship program. Your contribution allows her to learn golf, gain confidence, and play with the right equipment


Time Commitment: what you can give

  • Accompany your mentee for her golf lessons
  • 2 rounds of nine holes each with your mentee
  • 1 round at a Smashing Nines event with your mentee

Financial Commitment: varies per green fee

  • 2 rounds of nine holes of golf (girls are free)
  • Smashing Nines event (you pay for your fee, girls are free)

Please fill out this form if you would like to be a mentor. Mentors don’t have to be good golfers, they just have to be able to handle hitting bad shots!