Smashing Nines are a series of 9 hole, women-only events held at some amazing golf courses in your area.

The day typically starts with registration, a lesson on the range, a lesson on putting and then 9 holes of golf, followed by a meal.

I cannot tell you how many women show up to these events scared and with borrowed or rented clubs. By the end they leave giddy with excitement at learning something new and making so many connections.  Trust me, networking has never been so easy and so fun!

If you find yourself avoiding golf events because you don’t have the confidence to play then these events are perfect for you. Many women will play the entire circuit of events because it is so much fun and such a safe place to practice your skills.

Smashing Nines Events 2021: all Covid Protocols will be followed.

  • Tue June 29th: 9am, Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Club, Dundas
  • Mon July 26th: 3pm, Pipers Heath Golf Club, Oakville
  • Thu Aug 12th: 3pm, Merry-Hill Golf Club, Kitchener
  • Fri Sept 10th: 9am, Shelburne Golf Club, Dufferin
  • Mon Oct 18th: 3pm, Toronto Ladies Golf Club, Toronto

Are you interested in bringing a Smashing Nines event to your area? Please email me and we can talk through the details.