Why you should join the Smashing Nines Tournaments

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It all started last year at Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club for me where I met a wonderful group of women. I have never looked back and attended all the events throughout the summer improving my game bit by bit.
I also got invited to golf with different tournaments that my golfing partners were attending…….what a way to network!
It has built my confidence to golf and play with the “boys” ( Attended two truckers golf tournaments where there were 100 men and 4 women)
You all met Deb, demonstrating how to relax as you take a swing with the driver, she was my instructor last year and I progressed so much by taking ten lessons.
I am off to the Smashing retreat in June which has sold out and very excited!! This is all new for me to spend 3 days golfing with other women. I am eager to improve my game and increase my confidence and playing in the Smashing events is such a huge help.
I really hope to see you at most of the events!
Have an amazing summer
Karen Paul