Warming Up on the Course

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Far’s 20 minute Golf Warm Up!

A lot of people will rush to the course at the last minute and start to play with no warm up.  Then they complain about pulled muscles, bad shots and soreness after the round.

Unless you are playing almost daily..- you really should try to get to the course in time for a quick warm-up.  And if it is one of your first rounds in a while – whether it be June or September, it is a good idea to do some preparation so you are ready to play.  Your prep should start at a driving range or indoor facility before stepping out onto the links for the first time!

I have put together a warm-up session that I like to follow before my first round of the season.  But it isn’t just for the start of the season.  This is a great warm-up for anytime you hit the links!


Warm up

When I go to a driving range I usually don’t stretch. I let my body warm up naturally by hitting a few short chips and then some half shots. Before I swing hard to rip a few drives, I will stretch my shoulders and back to make sure I don’t hurt myself!


Here are three simple exercises that I like to do:
  • Swing your arms clockwise and counterclockwise in large slow circles to warm up your shoulders.
  • Place your club across your shoulders behind your head, one hand on each end of the club, and simply twist your torso side to side, pivoting your back foot.
  • Hold a club across the front of your chest with your arms crossed over it. Again, pivot from side to side, keeping your head up and letting your shoulders lead the movement.



Whenever I am practicing or warming up I always start with chipping and end with chipping. Chipping is a small fluid motion that helps me feel rhythm in my swing. I will vary my chips and do some with the wedges and some with a 7 iron to see the difference in how the ball reacts with each club.


Full Swing

My full swing shots start with my 9 iron , then 7 iron, then fairway wood and hybrid and then finally my driver. We all have our quirks – I have a weird thing I do with all the balls in my range bucket. I pick out 8 of the best balls in the bucket and save them for my driver! I’m not sure why I do that, but it makes me feel good to hit nicer balls with my driver.



Before I leave the range, I find the practice putting green. I like to putt with my own golf balls as opposed to range balls. I find when I haven’t played in a while that my feel on the green is off.  Putting can account for almost 1/3 of your total strokes, so don’t forget to practice it! I like to place 3 balls 1 foot from the cup and sink all those before I move to 2 feet and then 3 feet. I will then move the ball further away and try and sink it in no more than 2 putts.


A small investment of your time before your round can help reap big rewards on the course – and ensure you want to return!