Warm UP

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Start off right with a proper warm up

Golf is a game of many rotations and injuries are just as common in golf as many other sports. It is very important not just for your body that you warm up but also for your brain to get ready to process the shots. If you only have about 15 mins to warm up try this little warm up sequence. Start small and then build on your swing. I like to start by just hitting 10 short shots with my 7 iron and then 5 shots with my long iron or hybrid or fairway wood and then 5 drivers. I end with 5 little chip shots with my wedge. Ideally if you have more time, you can warm up better, but never ever, ever, go to the range and just hit driver without a few smaller shots first.

If you have no time to get to the range at all before your round be sure to do some trunk rotations at the very least with a club behind your back, then take some slow practise swings with two clubs together to get a heavy weighted feeling. Once you’ve done a few of those take your driver and flip it grip side down and take a few swings increasing in speed each swing. End with a few practise driver swings (right side up) before your first tee shot.

When you are playing your round and you have some time to swing a little in between shots, ALWAYS make sure you brush the grass on your practise shots. It primes the brain and proprioceptively gets you prepared to hit a good shot. Even on the range, every practise swing you take you MUST brush the ground. It may take a few practise swings before you brush the ground, but don’t step up and hit the ball if your practise swing hasn’t brushed the ground yet.