There is a real difference between lessons and coaching and my goal is to get you to become a better golfer. This means not just taking lessons, but also having some accountability and a practise plan. Each group is a maximum of 10 people and all sessions are on Zoom.

Bootcamp1- Reset your game

When: March 14, 21, 28, April 4 - Sunday evenings EST

This course is a great reset after a break or in preparation for getting your game going. We will cover putting, chipping, irons, woods, hybrid and driver.

Pick your group based on your level.

Aspiring: play or practise at least once a week and want to get better

You will learn:

  • putting fundamentals
  • making the green with one chip
  • a review of grip, stance, posture
  • what club to hit when
  • the importance of a good tee shot: gain some distance
  • making more solid contact: less topping or chunking the ball
  • managing expectations

Scoring: play or practise at least twice a week and feel "stuck" in your handicap (average score mid 90’s - mid 80’s)

You will learn:

  • trusting your “advance shot”
  • how to think through a hole from tee to green
  • developing a functional pre shot routine
  • short game drills: to chip and 2 putt more consistently
  • how to squeeze more yards out of your driver
  • managing expectations

Flagstick: competitive golfers (average score mid 80’s - 70’s)

You will learn:

  • why you need to carry 4 wedges
  • becoming laser focused
  • maximizing your distance off the tee
  • lag putts and money putts
  • how to shape your shots on demand
  • drills, drills, drills
  • managing expectations

If you are new to the game, Join the facebook group Women Who Golf - Smashing the Grass Ceiling  to see all the free videos and content there to get you started.