My passion is to take the guesswork out of your fitness journey.

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Tania Clancy is a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer, 1997 Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, and an avid golfer with an 8 handicap. Tania has been helping women reach optimal fitness levels for 18 years through her own fitness business.   IG: @tcstraighttofit  FB: straighttofittraining    


“My passion is to take the guesswork out of your fitness journey. I condense and transform fitness and health information for you. I empower you to create new habits for a healthier lifestyle.”

Last post, we discussed making goals you set S-pecific. So specific, that you can visualize and feel the results. Next, we explore key things to consider when M-easuring for change. We use words like “more” and “better” to refer to what we want to do to improve habits. We want to do more exercise, we want to eat better, we want to make more putts. More and better than what? These words are relative terms.

To truly make SMART goals and changes, be precise in your measurements in the beginning. Do you know how well you eat now? How many workouts have you done in the last month? How many putts did you take during your last golf round? These are easy measurements to take, and will give you your reference points, to make your goals M-easurable. Being clear on where you are starting, will also let you choose habit changes that are realistic and easy to attain.

Here are some examples. For measurable eating improvements, keep a food journal for at least 4 days. Record everything you eat and drink. Yes EVERYTHING. This is not for judgement, just measurement. Now you can be specific in what goals to set because you know what you are doing today. You will make improvements with real data- make “better” choices. The same goes for number of workouts- write them down. Mark the number of putts you take on each hole, right on your scorecard. Now you really know how you are currently performing. It will be easy to do “more” and be “better”.

Now that you have set the bar for change, next post will give strategies to set SMART goals that are A-ttainable, R-ealistic, and T-ime Bound.