Take lessons to enjoy golf more

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The words “networking” and “golf “ are not usually words that professional women tend to use in the same sentence. They elicit emotions of angst, ineptitude and fear for some women and that is the issue that Smashing the Grass Ceiling tries to address.

The entire program revolves around giving women the confidence to be able to spend precious hours of time on the course building significant relationships. When you have a skill you need at work, you take a course to learn it. Same thing applies for golf. Think of it as a continuing education course – golf lessons. If you want to play in more Smashing Nines events this summer take a few lessons and I guarantee you will enjoy your experience that much more. No matter where you live, seek out a pro in your area and take a few lessons. If you are local to the Burlington area, sign up for the 3 week women’s group lessons in April to learn some fundamentals and brush up on your skills. You may also meet your new golfing partners at these clinics!