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Tania Clancy is a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer, 1997 Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, and an avid golfer with an 8 handicap. Tania has been helping women reach optimal fitness levels for 18 years through her own fitness business.  

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I believe optimal fitness and health can be straight forward. That is why I called my business “Straight to Fit”. There is no shortage of fitness, nutrition, wellness, or weight loss information out there. If you are a gluten free vegetarian who suffers from IBS and wants to train for an Ironman, just Google it. You WILL find information – and some of it will even be very good. But does that mean you can take that information and translate it into a plan that works for you? Maybe. But in my opinion, if converting information was that easy, we would all be in ideal health, have ideal body composition, eat the perfect diet, be the perfect parent….you get the point. 

My passion is to take the guesswork out of your fitness journey. I condense and transform fitness and health information for you. I empower you to create new habits for a healthier lifestyle.

I would like to share my version of setting SMART fitness and health goals. SMART goals are concrete targets that you can easily aim for. They’re realistic, quantifiable, and focused, so you know exactly how to accomplish them. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time- bound. Today let’s consider S- Specific.

“I want to lose 25 lbs and be a size 6”. That is a great start and quite specific. Now, I challenge you to dig deeper. Get in touch with the vision behind the goal. Let your vision be so clear you can feel it. 

Consider this…”I walk into the store and am proud to ask for my size. I feel energized when I walk out of the store with my new size 6 jeans. I am so excited to zip up the zipper with ease because I have lost those extra inches off my waist. My new morning workout sets my positive state of mind for the day with a sense of invigoration and accomplishment. I fuel my body with the healthy meals I pre-prepped on Sunday. Everyone has noticed the new bounce in my step.”

Try this exercise for your weight loss goal. It may take a few tries to dig deep enough, so stick with it. This specificity will ensure you see meaning in everything you do, even when barriers arise. 

Next blog we will explore key things to consider when M-easuring for change, and ensuring your SMART goals are A-ttainable.