Stop selling yourself short

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I’ve just been travelling to Kenya to visit my family and while there, we held a fundraising golf event in an effort to send ‘Team Kenya Long Drive’ to the World Team Championships in Mexico. The format was a scramble and can you guess the percentage of women golfers that attended? …10% Unfortunately, this is no different than any other corporate or charity golf event I have been to in the West! I asked around to try and get a different perspective on why more women are not golfing, even in Africa. The majority of the responses revolved around the concept of women not feeling justified to spend the money on their golf game. Charity events tend to have a higher ticket price than a regular round of golf, and apparently, women didn’t feel like their golf game was good enough to warrant the price tag. It appears that all over the world, we are selling ourselves short and losing out on precious opportunities to spend time with strategic people and build relationships.

So, I say ladies – Stop it! Don’t be embarrassed by the quality of your golf game. Get a few lessons, learn the etiquette and learn the Smashing the Grass Ceiling strategies on how to keep up the pace of play – and get out there and play! We have a few months left of decent weather so take advantage of it. There are two more Smashing Nines events left for the season – Guelph (August 22nd) and Oakville (September 18th). Sign up and get some practise playing in a safe and welcoming environment with other women. Learn how to laugh at yourself on the golf course and learn how to be the player that everyone wants in their foursome!

Besides, who doesn’t need a little extra fresh air?