Staying golf ready in the winter

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If you had fun golfing or learning to golf this past summer, then keep it up! Golf is a game of repetition and the more you do it the better you will get. I used to hang my clubs up in mid October and then dust them off in June. Well I am a bit of a princess and frankly don’t enjoy golfing in the cold at all! But, there are so many nice indoor facilities and to maintain your golf game you really should keep swinging all winter.  For the past couple of years I have been swinging the club indoors and it has made a tremendous difference to my game. Aside from the obvious benefit of staying flexible and loose, the technology indoors is fabulous. I can see what path my club is swinging on, I can see where on the clubface I am hitting the ball and I can easily calibrate my distances. Imagine knowing with confidence exactly how far you can hit each club? This technology makes it so easy to learn golf as well. As an instructor I have the capability to really analyze my students swing and to show them real data. The best part of this is that the student can then return on their own and practise and see the data to track their improvement.  So if you have an indoor facility near you, please go this winter. If you can go even only once a week for 30 minutes to hit balls that will help your game tremendously. Take lessons indoors, learn the game and be ready for when the summer starts so that you can get out there ready and take advantage of the full season. Most people feel like their game was just getting good and then the season ended! Swing indoors and get a jump start on the season.