Smashing the Grass Ceiling

A Women’s Guide to Mastering Golf for Business Success

Now available, Smashing the Grass Ceiling: A Women’s Guide to Mastering Golf for Business Success is a combination of inspiration, advice, and personal stories aimed at providing women golfers – no matter what their golfing level – with a blueprint for success.


Readers will learn how to:

  • Navigate golf courses with confidence
  • Fully leverage golf as a social and business networking tool
  • Manage emotions while playing
  • Become the person people want in their golf foursome

Far knows the power of golf as a business tool and is passionate about getting more women out of the office and onto the golf course.

“Golf is the game of business and the stakes are too high for women to be left out any longer,” says Samji. “Most women tell me they don’t have time, they don’t know the rules, or they aren’t ‘very good’. My book reveals that any woman, regardless of athletic ability, can master the art of business golf and can get on the course with the people who can make a difference in their career.”

“As a seasoned golfer who plays for personal interest as well as in many charitable tournaments that are work-related, I think Far’s approach to golf is simplified and compelling. A quick and easy read, this book is not only for those thinking of taking up the game or those new to the game, but there are some great tools and tips for those who have been playing for many years.”


Rosanne Longo, Chair, Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation