Practice How You Play

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Practice Golf How You Play with Indoor HD Simulators

Let’s say you have taken a few lessons, you are committed to getting better and you are out on the range practising. Once you warm up, play a few pretend holes. Make your boundaries using the yardage markers, set up to the ball like you would on the course and hit your drive. Then take your mid iron and pick a target green and hit your shot. End with a chip to a target 20-30 yards from you. The idea is to break up the tendency to sit at the range and bang ball after ball after ball. How many times have you hit a shot, then without changing your grip you pull another ball up and hit it, and then do it again? You have just hit shots without even ungripping the club! But on the golf course, you hit one shot and then walk to the next and re grip it again. So why not be efficient and practise how you play. So often we get into the rut of just hitting balls aimlessly. Decide before your practise what it is you are going to work on and practise with a purpose in mind. When I was playing tour golf many years ago, I hit way too many golf balls every day, because I thought that’s what I had to do to get better. If I had focused my practise a little better and practised how I played, I truly believe I would have been able to save my body all the blisters, elbow tendonitis and low back pain from hitting too many golf balls.

Golf is one of the few sports where we practise on a different location than we would play. We practise on a range, but play on a course. Soccer players practise on the field and play on the field. Swimmers practise in the pool and compete in the pool. No wonder golf is so hard! We practise in a totally different venue! The transference of learning is compromised visually before we even hit our first shot. So practise how you play and you may be able to take it to the course better.