Know who you are- The Founders

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I recently saw the movie ‘The Founders’ at a screening in Kitchener, Ontario, which is about the original 13 founders of the LPGA tour. What a great movie! It’s a documentary with some great footage of the legendary women that started the tour and what they had to endure to make it work. I was especially thrilled to see Patty Berg, and learn a little more about her. My first set of golf clubs were Patty Berg Wilson’s and I still have them to this day! Every once in a while I pull them out to look at them and they bring a smile to my face. The woods are wood with a white insert in the sweet spot, with steel shafts and small grip.  I love them! It was interesting to see these pioneers fight for equality and recognition in a male-dominated society, and I couldn’t help but think, sadly, that we are still fighting that same battle today.

They busted their butts to get promotion of their events, get players to come out and get sponsors to support them. They had to fight the gender stereotypes and still “look pretty” but be respected as athletes. These women helped to create the LPGA and bring women’s golf to the forefront. Without them there would be no LPGA.  What I especially appreciated learning is that this movie is now required viewing for all new members of the LPGA. We are required to learn about history in school, and I think it’s wonderful that an organization makes its members learn about their history.

Personally,  who I am is defined a lot by where I came from, the path I choose to travel in life and the decisions I make, and these things have been greatly influenced by my founders – my parents.  In my eyes, these 13 women who founded the LPGA are all ‘Smashing Women’ and their courage and perseverance made it possible for me to enjoy playing mini tour golf and chase the dream.

The Founders.  Look it up, watch it.

THE FOUNDERS FILM TRAILER from Charlie Fisk on Vimeo.