Keep putting through the winter

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I am so pleased to present this blog written by our ambassador for Smashing Girls, Miss Skylar Kew. Sky is a terrific champion and an incredible golfer and athlete. You will have met her at the Smashing Nines events and if you are like me, you can never have enough Skylar Kew in your life. In this blog, 13 year old Sky takes you through some of the things she does to stay in golf shape over the winter.

There are many ways to keep golf ready through the winter… but some of them are very expensive and require driving all over the place!  I am a hockey player, so that helps keep me strong, but the one thing I do all winter is putt!  Keeping your putting stroke smooth is the best way to keep your scores down in the spring. I have an 8 foot mat that I putt on. I move it to the TV some evenings and putt while watching the Leafs!  The other thing I do, is a swing without a club, focusing on my guide arm staying straight with the back of my hand towards the “hole”. I do this in front of a mirror so I can be sure my left shoulder is over my right knee in my back swing (I’m right-handed).  I focus again on the “smoothness” of the swing, and the weight transfer. Last but not least, when there is a mild day, my Dad and I bundle up and head to the course to play a few holes!   We are lucky that our golf course (Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club) keep the pins in the short course year round. Good luck keeping in golf shape!!

Skylar Kew, Smashing Girls Ambassador.