It’s ok to take a divot

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Taking a chunk of grass out of the ground when hitting a shot on the fairway is hard for a lot of women to do. It makes you feel bad doesn’t it? You feel like you are making a mess of the course. I’ve even heard women say “sorry” after hitting a perfect wedge shot to the green and taking a divot while doing so! Ok, let me tell you right now, that there are people whose jobs depend on making the fairways look perfect, so please make divots! To hit a good shot, you need to take a divot. Some women feel like they may hurt themselves if they take a divot and are afraid to hit the ground. There is a reason this game is played on grass and not on concrete – the grass will absorb the impact and not hurt if you hit it decently.


Next time you are watching golf on TV, pay attention to the size of the divots some of the players take- they are massive! But they will always go and pick up their divot and replace it in the ground. Be responsible, replace your divots and use the sand and seed mix the course provides to fill in the seams around it. Sometimes, the divot totally disintegrates and it’s hard to replace. In this case, just use the sand and seed mixture and fill in the hole so that the next player doesn’t have the misfortune of having to hit from your divot!