How to handle being the worst golfer in your group

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Have you had opportunities to enter golf events but declined because you are worried about slowing down the pace of play and annoying your fellow golfers?

Golf events in your community are usually where the key influencers are and with a few key thoughts you will be able to handle being the worst golfer in your foursome and not lose out on a great relationship building opportunity. The most important thing to remember – the pace at which you play is FAR FAR FAR more important than the quality of your golf shots. Your three mates hit their shots 220 yards down the fairway, you then step up to hit your shot, and you are so anxious because everyone is watching you that you go 10 feet. Hold your head high because EVERY golfer in the world has done that before. Walk to your ball, pick it up and tell your group you will drop it near to one of theirs and hit your second shot from there. If you duff your second shot do the same thing, pick it up and move it along. No one wants to see you flail away and get frustrated. Your negative energy as you are hacking away will affect the entire group and you want to use this game as a positive HR opportunity to showcase your ability to handle a difficult situation.

Don’t fear being the worst golfer in your group, keep up the pace of play and everyone’s moods will be that much better. Everyone wants to do business with someone who is positive and respectful of others.