Dundas golfer Fareen Samji still hitting them long

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More than a few times she’s started a round of golf with a couple male playing partners she just met, getting teased about hitting from the ladies’ tees way up there while they launch their missiles from back at the men’s spot. She can almost hear the testosterone gurgling as they give her the gears.

“It’s OK,” the rather diminutive woman always replies rather demurely. “I’ll tee it up back there, too.”

As she joins them, she still hasn’t told them her secret.

Fareen Samji is the three-time — actually, as of this weekend, the four-time — Canadian women’s long-drive champion. Sure, she may be just 5-foot-5 and 150 pounds, but there’s dynamite in her driver. And a good reason why folks who know her shorten her first name to the apropos, Far.


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Gary Hills file photo