Golf Gear: 6 Must Haves

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Now that you’ve got your clubs sorted out (and if you haven’t then please read “What Do You REALLY Need in Your Golf Bag – The Ins and Outs of Buying Golf Clubs”), it’s time to think about what else you really need.

And, while equipment absolutely matters, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started.  Let’s start at the bottom – your feet!


As a certified pedorthist, obviously I am serious about feet and footwear.  I recommend you invest in proper golf shoes. They have plastic spikes or rubber treads on the bottom of them, which help you grip the ground when you swing. They are also helpful for walking up and down hills on wet grass. Like with everything else, there’s no need to overspend, simply find a pair that are comfortable the minute you put them on your feet.


Typically, a glove is only worn on one hand; if you are right-handed golfer, the glove goes on your left hand and vice versa.  The glove will help minimize calluses or blisters, and provides extra grip on hot sweaty days!

Select a glove that is snug, but loose enough that you can move your hand with ease. Your fingers should fit snugly, and the material across the palm of the glove should be taut.

Balls & Tees

Tees come in all sizes and colours. I recommend starting with a selection in various heights until you figure out how high you like the ball teed up.  Other than that, pick your favourite colour and make sure you have LOTS in your bag, because they break often or get lost.

Like the Tee selection, there are endless options for balls. Don’t be overwhelmed. Golf balls are designed on the principles of compression. How hard you swing the club will determine if you want a ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ ball. I highly recommend that women play with ladies balls unless you have a really strong swing. Be sure to have at least 20 golf balls in your bag because you will lose some on every round and you don’t want to run out.

Divot Repair Tool

A divot is a piece of turf that is cut out of the ground in the course of playing a stroke.  You will need to carry a divot repair tool to fix any marks you make on the green. It doesn’t matter what kind of tool you carry, just as long as you have one in your bag!


Markers are used to mark your ball’s spot on the green so that your ball isn’t in other people’s way. The marker can be the snap from your glove, the plastic marker many courses hand out for free, or a coin.


Every bag needs a towel. You can use a hand towel from home or purchase one with a clip that you attach to your bag. Towels are used to wipe grass, dirt and sand off the club heads, and your sweaty or wet hands!

Please contact me if you have any questions about equipment and I will be happy to help.