Far – Reaching Expectations

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Through my Rotary International Membership, I have had the opportunity to meet many Rotarians, each with distinguishing characteristics reflecting the Rotary Four Way Test which incorporates honesty, integrity, commitment and building friendship(s).

Fareen Samji, is a very special person let alone Rotarian, who when you have an opportunity to meet her leaves a lasting impression, so much so, you come back for more.

The term Magnetic Personality is over used, but in the case of Fareen it best describes what she is all about. She is an Entrepreneur in Business and as well Community, combining a sharp business acumen with a passion for philanthropic support that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Fareen runs a very successful  Orthotics business in 3 communities ( Burlington, Milton, Toronto) employing 30 staffers and as well a manufacturing side to provide quality product.

A true multi tasker with varying interests and above all she has the time to listen to you and your needs with her accomplishments often taking a back seat to the task at hand.

Relentless in her pursuit of objectives, she has a passion for projects she gets involved in, the commitment and beliefs so infectious, to those who follow her lead. I find a conversation with Fareen can often go quickly away from her to focus on her projects thought about and designed to benefit others.