Fact is – You DO have time to Golf

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Golf is unlike any other activity in that it provides the platform for true relationship building.  With the outdoors as the backdrop, a destination every 200 – 500 yards and no interruptions from the digital world, it is really the ultimate way to connect.


In a world where we are constantly scheduled to the max, and rushing from activity to activity, it may seem impossible to carve out the time that nine or 18 holes of golf requires.  But once you begin to experience the quality of interactions during a round of golf, you may quickly change your mind.


It’s Worth the Face Time

Some of my best business development and client retention successes have been on a golf course. Whether you play 9 or 18 holes, you have at least 2.5 or 5 hours to capture some undivided attention without the distractions of the office, being interrupted by a waiter, and without having to worry about conversations around you.  That kind of dedicated face time is really inconceivable in today’s world where most people are checking their devices on average 46 times a day!


Golf and Business

Want to develop stronger relationships with colleagues, peers, clients or even your boss?  Book a round of golf together.  Golf provides an elixir of sorts to help you explore relationships at a different level.  It may be the fresh air, getting away from technology or maybe it is simply being out of business attire, and into casual clothes and comfy shoes that I find brings out a more relaxed me, maybe the real me.  And I see it in my playing partners as well.  The level of engagement is somehow just a little deeper when we are discussing things during a round of golf.


There Are No Emojis on the Golf Course

But this isn’t just about business. The same conditions that make golf the perfect business-building tool make it a great way to reconnect and build deeper relationships with your kids, your spouse, and your friends.   I love spending a few hours on the course with my family.  Taking my kids out on the golf course means they have to put down their screens and talk in full sentences to me! I have never heard an LOL or an OMG on the golf course.


Don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t have time for golf.  While your current communication methods may seem efficient, are they really developing the relationships you want?  Skip the email, hang up the phone and head out to the links for your next important conversation.  The results may surprise you.


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