Every shot will not go straight

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Even when I was playing professional golf, I did not hit every shot straight. I don’t think I have ever played a round of golf in my life where I hit every shot straight. Yet, when we don’t hit a shot straight, we get so mad at ourselves! It’s not realistic. In my opinion, this game was not designed to hit straight shots. If it was, then the fairways would be 5 yards wide instead of 45 yards wide. Seriously, it’s way cheaper to maintain a 5 yard strip of grass than a 45 yard fairway.  The game was designed for deviation. You have play room of 22.5 yards in either direction at the least and on some holes, the short rough gives you another 3-4 yards of leeway. My favourite was playing in Dubai where there was no long rough or trees if you really missed the direction, but only desert!

Everyone has a natural shape to their shot. Some people seem to always go right, and others seem to always go left. The hardest thing in golf is a consistent ball flight, so if you know you will always go right, then aim a little to the left. If you are unhappy with the consistency of your ball flight, then take some lessons to fix it, but on the golf course, play with what you have. There are some days, where I miss everything to the left. I can feel it, I can sense it. The golf course is not the place to fix it- so I compensate for my aim and aim a little more right and play what I have that day. The wonderful thing about this game is that it can change from round to round, so take what you have that day and play with it. Accept that you will not hit every shot straight and you will enjoy your round so much more.