Dundas Smashing Nines Tournament – 2019

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What a great great great day we had at Dundas Valley for the first outdoor Smashing Nines event. Thank you so much to Rebecca from Liquid Beauty Medi Spa for sponsoring us.

You can contact her here if you would like more info: Beckie.kwiatkowski@gmail.com
And how amazing that Dundas Valley gave everyone a free social membership. Do me a favour please and tag them on instagram and facebook  please and tag #smashingthegrassceiling and @HitItWithFar
Action Items for You
Here are some contacts for you to follow up with
Chantel from Stella & Dot : chantel@tyers.ca
Tania from Straight to fit Training: straight2fit@gmail.com
VOXX Socks – if you didn’t order with Terry, see below.
Seriously, I was blown away with the technology. Every sock you buy, they will donate 25% to the Smashing Girls program. Here is the website for it.
http://www.smashingnines.voxxlife.com/ Go to Shop and browse the products. And you can read about the technology. The applications are incredible.  Posture,stability,balance and overall improved mid brain activity.
Next Events – Dufferin June 10, KW June 21. Oakville July 29 – registration is now open.
Connect with me – Facebook group  https://www.facebook.com/groups/smashingnines/ and request to join.
Linked in : https://www.linkedin.com/in/fareensamji/   (group coming)