Driver Setup

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A proper driver setup is key to good ball flight

I like to be as simple as possible when it comes to the golf swing and for the most part, for all my irons I set up about the same. I make a slight change when it comes to my driver, because let’s face it, in my life, it’s all about how hard can I hit that drive! I will swing my irons at about 75-80% but when it comes to driver, I’m going to try and rip it! I like to play the ball high on a tee, way in front of my stance and then just before I start my backswing, I dip my right shoulder down. I find that by doing that little dip it primes my brain to stay behind the ball and be able to load my backswing properly so that I can throw everything I have at the golf ball at impact. Let me make myself clear – when I am on the golf course and there is trouble around I will swing my driver at 75-80% as well. But when I reach that long wide par 4 or 5 my eyes start to glass over and my heart does a little happy dance because it knows I’m going to go after one! Which is why I love competing in long drive events.

There is no 2 shot OB penalty for missing the grid on a few shots, and there is loud music playing to pump you up. You have 6 balls and only the longest one that is in the grid counts so you can imagine the joy when you get the chance to rip it over and over again. So if you get to a hole and you start to get a little excited about it’s wide open fairway and you want to give it a good rip, try setting up with your right shoulder ( assuming you are right handed ) a little lower and the ball played forward in your stance and bust it!