Ditch the guilt and make time for golf 

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Golf has always been seen as an elitist luxury game and a privilege to play, so how do we take the time to play golf with all the pressures of work and life?

For me, the issue was not as much time. I believe I can find the time to do something I really want to do. It was more the guilt. Yes, that age old feeling that seems to be passed down from generation to generation of women!

Every time I was presented with the opportunity to golf, my first emotion was guilt for leaving my family to play or leaving my staff to handle things because I was out on the golf course. I squandered so many early business building opportunities. When I focused on playing golf to build and strengthen my relationships, I saw the value to my business. While I can’t say the guilt is totally gone, it is certainly offset by the strong strategic connections and networks that the game has offered me. Pay attention to the men out there and when they go golfing. Most are golfing during the work day so that they can have their weekends with their families. If you are using golf as a business tool, then play golf during business hours. Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to focus on your career and deepen your relationships.

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